Lime, Basil and Mandarin Gift Pack

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All of our Heart Style candles are produced using high quality natural wax and vegetable based oils which is both kind to the environment and sustainably sourced. As a result, all of our candles are free from petroleum-based paraffin wax, additives and animal-based ingredients. Our room diffusers are alcohol free, VOC free, non flammable and essential oils.

One of our best-selling fragrances, you can never go wrong with is Lime, Basil & Mandarin. It has top notes of Sicilian lime and bergamot over a heart of peppery basil and white florals. Base notes include patchouli and vetiver. To combinate in a clean, fresh aroma which is very versatile to suit every room of the home.

For a clean burn and to get the very best out of our products, we suggest always burning on a level surface, regular maintenance of the wick (trimming), and burning away from any draughts in your home. Always allow 2 hours min time to release aroma. Simply insert reeds into the bottle and allow them to draw the fragrance up to scent the room.

Approx burn time of each candle votive 20 hours.