Snow Forest Room Diffuser


Transport Your Senses To A Sea Of Winter trees and shiver in the bitter wind. Clusters of twigs, gnarled and twisted, ready to catch the soft falling snow flakes. Against the dark mossy trunk the brilliant white drifts rise in soft curves and fall again to the hidden ground.

Crisp notes of eucalyptus, mandarin and apple. Sweet hints of honey with a base of jasmine, pine and violet. This special scent is what we imagine Narnia To Smell Like.

All of our Heart Style room diffusers are produced using high quality natural vegetable base and rattan reed diffusers which is both kind to the environment and sustainably sourced. As a result, all of our diffusers are free from alcohol and VOC. They are non flammable and full of essential oils.

To get the very best out of our products, simply insert reeds into the bottle and allow them to draw the fragrance up to scent your room. Do not allow the oil to come into contact with painted, polished or fabric surfaces. Do not place diffuser in an area with a draft of air.

Each product is 100ml size with 10 rattan reeds. (Lasts approx. 3 months.) Turn reeds every couple of days to maximise aroma. 


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